Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I just posted a new story about creative writing and I am so pleased because this was really really fun so what we did was spin a wheel and what ever I got I had to write about but you could spin it again but what I got the first spin I stuck with it. This project took 1 day to complete and it was easy because it is always easy for me to write a fantasy story and I hope you enjoy reading.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Garden of the Gods

Me and my Partner Emili made a Prezi about The Garden of the Gods and it was an amazing experience learning about the Garden of the Gods because I have not ever heard of it and I thought that this would be an interesting place to study about. This took two days to complete this and I also did another thing but on Slideshow I will give you a link.  There is so much information With Garden of the Gods for you to check out and there is good information on Stanley Hotel. I hope you enjoy and maybe some day you can visit.

Stanley Hotel

Me and my partner,Shelby just finished a slideshow on The Stanley Hotel and it was really fascinating getting the chance to learn about about it and I hope you like this slideshow. This took us one day to finish this project and there is a link in the video if you wanted to check out the website and there is more information there and I will also put a link forward on . We hope you enjoy learning about different things about The Stanley Hotel . I would definitely try to use a brochure next time.   

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I have just finished a slid show all about Hurricanes and what I did was I created a new slide and I found a design that was right for me and started to type about all the things that I know about Hurricanes and I gave you guys some pictures to better understand what I was saying. We also used raz-kids to help and listen to the story.  I used animation so you know where I am talking and I  used screencastify so that you can only see what i am doing and not my face. Another thing is that it took two in a half days to complete this process it was easy but hard at the same time because we couldn't write paragraphs of what we where talking about. The easiest part for me would probably be taking my information that I know and typing it all down. There was a new skill that we used and it was screencastify and we where only able to kind of play with it to see what it was and what is was all about. I hope that you liked my video and that you learned interesting things about my video. (press my video at the end here)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Me and my partner Emili  just finished a project in science and what we did was we made a new video about the Respiratory and Circulatory system It took about two weeks to finish this. The hardest part of this project was the recording part because it was hard to keep a straight face threw all of it because he both laughed during the process. Something I would change for next time is to practice more on reading the words correctly. What we have prepared for you is when you watch this video you will hear use going step by step telling how the Respiratory and Circulatory system works. We also lined up pictures to match up on what we are saying.    

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Narrative video

Dear, reader

Here is a video I have been working on for the month ,I came up with this story because I was given a picture and the picture I was given is the setting of my story.  This story is not true but the part in my story that talks about what I look like is the only part that is true in this story and my title is called The walk in the desert.   You can watch my video here. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dear reader,
Here is a presentation of some nonfiction text features in my books.